Wind energy industry in crisis: Enercon deletes thousands of jobs

              Friday, November 08, 2019

              The Federal Government's energy and climate policy endangers know-how, jobs and the energy transition, says the company Enercon. The manufacturer of wind turbines announces the reduction of 3,000 jobs. The IG Metall already fears a "dramatic deforestation" in the industry.
              The wind turbine manufacturer Enercon has announced a comprehensive job cuts and sharply criticized the German government's energy policy. Enercon alone will lose around 3,000 jobs, according to industry sources. In the wind industry as a whole, several thousand jobs are likely to be affected by the incisions at Enercon, said the head of Enercon's management, Hans-Dieter Kettwig, in Aurich. As justification, the company referred to the energy policy of the Federal Government, which led to a collapse of the market for wind energy on land. "The current energy and climate policy not only jeopardizes know-how and jobs created in our industry over the years, but also climate protection and the energy transition as a whole," said Kettwig. The market volume had reduced in 2019 compared to the previous year by almost 90 percent. "After submitting the climate protection package of the Federal Government, it becomes clear that the problems for us are even greater." Enercon is one of the largest German manufacturers in the industry. Already last year, the Group had announced that it would be more internationally oriented and reduce its workforce at its 800,000 jobs in its German plants. "The threat of a dramatic deforestation" In the first half of 2019, the expansion of wind power on land in Germany had almost come to a standstill. The main reasons are long approval procedures, under-declared areas and many complaints from citizens' initiatives. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier of the CDU had announced a program of measures to accelerate the expansion after a "wind power summit" at the beginning of September. However, there are no concrete results. The Greens parliamentary group vice-chancellor Oliver Krischer made the energy policy of the Federal Government responsible for the job cuts at Enercon. "While wind power is booming worldwide, industry in Germany is collapsing," said Krischer. "The Federal Government is currently driving another future-oriented sector out of the country after photovoltaics." Altmaier accused him of having destroyed more jobs in renewable energy than the coal industry ever had. "There is a threat of a dramatic deforestation in the wind industry," warned the district manager of the IG Metall coast, Meinhard Geiken. "For the region Ostfriesland that is a catastrophic message." The industrial union warned that Enercon was responsible for its employees, especially in difficult times. "Clever concepts are needed to keep as many jobs as possible and to cushion the consequences for the employees," said Geiken.

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